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It is important for retail outlets to measure customer satisfaction through surveys and other methods. This will help them to be on the edge in terms of product/service quality as well as to read customer sentiments towards their brand. These surveys give deep insights on how customers see your business which in turn help you improve quality of service and overall customer satisfaction.

Key Features

  • Customer Insights
    Get deep data insights on what is right and wrong with your business and customer satisfaction levels.
  • Collect Contact Details
    Use surveys to collect additional customer contact details that can be used for business promotional activities.
  • Promotions & Offers
    Show promotions and offers to customers within the survey for leads, referrals and additional business.
  • Improve NPS
    Use Net Promoter Score to evaluate and measure the loyalty of your customers to your brand and products.
  • Works Without Internet
    Our Android and iOS apps work without internet. Data is synced to server whenever network is available.
  • Kiosk Support
    Turn your iPad’s or Android tabs to feedback kiosks that can be set up at entry/exit points or reception desks.

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